Empower the Next Generation with Financial Wisdom!


"Cents and Sensibility: What Kids Should Know About Finance by Dr. Paul Etienne

In an age where financial landscapes shift rapidly and economic uncertainties loom, isn’t it time we equipped our children with the financial armor they need? Dive into a book designed to make finance fun, relatable, and understandable for the young minds of today.
Why Every Child (and Parent!) Needs This Book:

Key Features & Benefits:


Age-Appropriate Learning:

Tailored content that speaks directly to kids, breaking down complex financial concepts into bite-sized, digestible lessons.


Interactive & Engaging:

Packed with colorful illustrations, real-life scenarios, and interactive exercises that make learning about money exciting and memorable.


Foundational Knowledge:

From understanding the value of a dollar, to the basics of saving, spending, and investing – lay a strong foundation for your child's financial future.


Life Skills Beyond Money:

It's not just about cents, but sensibility. Cultivate virtues like patience, discipline, and foresight as your child navigates the world of finance.

Inside the Book, Discover:

  • Fun money-related games and challenges.
  • Stories of young entrepreneurs and savers.
  •  The magic of compound interest explained with cookies!
  • How to set financial goals and the joy of achieving them.


I wish I had this book when I was a kid. It’s the perfect blend of fun and education. My son
now understands why we can’t buy every toy in the store!

Rebecca M., Grateful Mom

My daughter now has her own little savings jar and is excited about watching it grow.
‘Cents and Sensibility’ has sparked a financial curiosity I never thought possible!

Liam J., Proud Dad

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Prepare your child for a future where they're not just earning, but learning, saving, and growing their wealth wisely. � Grab your copy of "Cents and Sensibility: What Kids Should Know About Finance" TODAY and set the stage for a financially savvy generation! �
Because the best investment is in their education.

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