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In the dynamic realm of Business Administration and Finance, Dr. Paul Etienne stands as a beacon of knowledge and innovation. With two Amazon best-selling books under his belt and a doctorate that speaks volumes, he has been the guiding force for countless individuals, institutions, and faith-based organizations.

Who I Serve

Corporate Clients:


Deliver Effective

  • Equip your team with the latest financial strategies and business administration techniques.


  • Tailored sessions from financial management to strategic planning.

Colleges & Universities:


Guest Lectures:

  • Introduce your students to the world of practical finance.

Curriculum Consultation:

  • Shape a curriculum that prepares students for the real world.

Non-Profit Organizations:


Financial Workshops:

  • Ensure your organization maximizes its impact with sound financial strategies.

Fundraising Strategies:

  • Boost your fundraising efforts and ensure sustainability.



Faith and Finance:

  • Understand biblical principles of money management and build financially healthy congregations.

Ethical Stewardship:

  • Dive deep into ethical investing and stewardship, aligning faith with financial practices.

Keynote Topics

Financial Literacy for Young Adults:

Navigating student loans,investing basics, and building credit.

Entrepreneurship and Business Start-ups:

Crafting business plans, understanding venture capital, and growth strategies.

Advanced Personal Finance:

Wealth management, tax strategies, and real estate investment.

Corporate Financial Management:

Capital budgeting, risk management, andmergers.

Leadership and Organizational Growth:

Leading high-performance teams and navigating business transformations.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility:

Aligning profit with purpose and the business case for sustainability.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility:

Aligning profit with purpose and the business case for sustainability.

Global Business and Finance:

Navigating international markets and global supply chain management.+

Innovation and Disruption in Finance:

Fintech implications, blockchain, and AI in financial services.

Career Development and Personal Branding:

Building a personal brand and navigating corporate politics.

Work-Life Balance and Financial Wellness:

Managing stress and financialplanning for major life events.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Business:

Building inclusive cultures and promoting equity.

Dr. Paul Etienne

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